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Welcome to The Carriage

A unique training facility

The Carriage is exclusive for 1-2-1 coaching and small group training.

Meaning a full focus on you and your goals. Get your health and fitness on the right track and achieve your goals with expert guidance and coaching in a private space.

Our professional personal trainers will be on hand to support you and provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Nutrition &
Training Plans
A full breakdown and assessment of your nutrition and a detailed, structured training programme to meet your needs.
Face to
Face Training
1-2-1 coaching in a private facility with the full focus on you and your training.
State of the art facility built for the purpose of exclusive personal training, private, no distractions and with all the gym equipment you need.
Through the "Built to Succeed" Programme ensures you have the full support and guidance needed to achieve your goals, the game plan is delivered to you and you have a virtual coach every step of the way.

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